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“I was caught up in the financial crisis and needed to file bankruptcy. His fee was a lot lower than other bankruptcy lawyers. All my credit card debt was erased within 4 months. Definitely recommend John.”
– AW, ★★★★★
“The Law Office made my life worry-free and made a stressful situation so easy! The team takes care of everything for you, and kept you informed when necessary.”
– LMC, ★★★★★
“We didn't think we could qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy because one of us was still employed. The case went seamlessly and our debts were discharged. We both sleep so much better with that load off our backs.”
– MJ, ★★★★★
“John Pearson did my bankruptcy case which allowed me to erase all of my husband's debts and keep the house and a large life insurance policy to live off of. I really recommend him to you.”
– MS, ★★★★★
“An amazingly seamless process! The attorney keeps you informed and handles all the work at a very fair price. I would highly recommend them!”
– Jennifer P., ★★★★★

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Bankruptcy Exists for One Simple Reason

If you use all of your savings to pay off debt, you might need to depend on government support. The U.S. government wants you to save for retirement, not use your limited money to pay unsecured debts to wealthy companies that can write off your unpaid debt. Bankruptcy laws exist to protect your future and help you move forward; take advantage of them. In your free consultation we'll answer your questions, explain your options, and show you what a debt-free future looks like. Our practice is 100% online so you never need to leave your home to get your case filed.

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