I was caught up in the financial crisis and needed to file bankruptcy. John gave me advice on who to pay and who not to pay. His fee was a lot lower than other bankruptcy lawyers I considered. He filed my Chapter 7 bankruptcy and all my credit card debt was erased within 4 months total. I definitely recommend John J. Pearson to handle your chapter 7 bankruptcy case.

– AW, ★★★★★

The Law Office of John J. Pearson made my life worry-free and made a stressful situation so easy! The team takes care of everything for you, and kept you informed when necessary. Thank you for making a wrong situation right! I would not hesitate to come back you!

– LMC, ★★★★★

We didn't think we could qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy because one of us was still employed. John ran the numbers and when he factored in that we were tithing to the Church each month we qualified. The case went seamlessly and our debts were discharged. We both sleep so much better with that load off our backs.

– MJ, ★★★★★

I was in a very bad situation after my husband committed suicide due to financial problems. I was a 60 year old widow with no job or career. The only thing I had was the house and his large life insurance policy. John Pearson did my bankruptcy case which allowed me to erase all of my husband's debts and keep the house and a large life insurance policy to live off of. I told him how thankful I was. I really recommend him to you.

– MS, ★★★★★

An amazingly seamless process! The attorney keeps you informed and handles all the work at a very fair price. I would highly recommend them!

– Jennifer P., ★★★★★

John is wonderful at what he does. His expertise, courtroom manner, and professionalism, made our process smooth, easy and efficient. His genuinely kind disposition made him a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend both his services and the process!

– LA L., ★★★★★

Great outcome. Highly recommend!

– M. Kim, ★★★★★

John Pearson and his staff were spectacular! Very friendly and professional. They made the process extremely easy for us as a family so that we could focus on the joy of the situation without having to worry about all of the paperwork involved with this process.

– Al D., ★★★★★

This was a very easy process, and the price was reasonable. I called the office to initiate the service. I answered all of their questions. They informed me of the process over the phone, then by email. From there, I didn't have to do anything. I didn't need to appear anywhere or send anything. The attorney took care of everything and kept me informed.

– Lisa W., ★★★★★

Professional and very helpful with my case.

– I.H.

Excellent attorneys who are great at what they do. Great communication through the whole process.

– Sidney S., ★★★★★

Very professional and take care of my case really well. I am very satisfied with the result and appreciates the attorney help. Thank you so much!

– T. Garcia, ★★★★★

Very good customer service, kept me informed and updated every step of the way, came out with a favorable result.

– ZM, ★★★★★

Great communication step by step. Total professionalism and I am pleased with the results. You saved me time, money, and no one could have done a better job. A+

– Patrick W., ★★★★★

I can’t say enough about Mr. Pearson and his team. They’ve helped me a couple times now and I’ve always gotten a positive outcome. Don’t go anywhere else.

– Artin O.

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